Campaigns adapt to early voting before election day 2020

The dynamics of early voting also affect the exit operations of both parties.

“It creates the need for campaigns to really think of this GOTV weekend more like the GOTV month,” said Tori Taylor, co-executive director of Swing Left, a grassroots Democratic group, in a recent interview.

And that’s a challenge left-wing groups especially face, as Democratic voters may be more inclined to vote early. The Washington Post poll showed that a slim majority of GOP voters polled preferred to vote on election day, while 70% of Democratic voters wanted to vote by November 3.

Swing Left partners with nearly 30 progressive groups to mobilize volunteers to call, text and write letters to voters. In 2018, the effort was called Last Weekend, a final turnout surge in the final days before Election Day. But this year, they are calling for the effort last weekends, mobilizing volunteers over the three weekends leading up to November 3, due to the expected increase in the number of voters who want to vote early.

Priorities USA is reallocating some of its resources to mobilizing participation, including its first-ever effort focused on postal voting, Cecil told reporters in a briefing earlier this month.

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