Fact check: No, Nigerian smugglers are not the reason SA IDs are not considered safe, terrorists are

A social media account supposedly linked to anti-immigrant lobby group Operation Dudula has alleged that Nigerian smugglers using fake South African identity documents have placed citizens under surveillance when applying for visas. In short, News examines whether this claim is valid.

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A social media account apparently linked to Operation Dudula, an organization that campaigns for illegal immigrants to leave Mzansi, claimed that South African identity documents are subject to scrutiny, which affects the ability of South Africans to travel. internationally.

The account, which has over 19,000 followers, claims Nigerian smugglers have been caught using the South African system to obtain visas and that is why South African IDs are no longer secure . The account also said that the information presented can be verified by a Google search.

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A Twitter account believed to be linked to Operation Dudula believes that Nigerian smugglers using fake SA ID cards are monitoring South African citizens wishing to travel abroad. Image: Stock/Getty Images
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the Publish Lily:

“Our South African ID cards are no longer considered secure by visa issuing authorities around the world due to numerous reports of Nigerian smugglers being arrested using the RSA system to obtain this visa.”

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Are South African ID cards subject to more scrutiny than normal? We have checked

Local embassies say there are no specific policies for South Africans applying for visas. Vigdis Beaussier, the The French Embassy ambassador says South African documents are generally considered safe and they have no knowledge of systematic fraud involving SA ID cards and passports, reports AfricaCheck.

Beaussier noted that the consulate deals with fraudsters, however, these fraudsters come from different nationalities and are not only specific to those carrying South African documents.

Paul Collins, the second immigration secretary of the Australian High Commission says they normally require more than one identity document before issuing Australian visas. Collins also said South Africans can obtain visas when using SA credentials.

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Like the French Embassy, Immigration New Zealand states that when it comes to suspected fraud, each case is assessed individually. If there are concerns about certain documents, they will ask for further verification.

“Immigration New Zealand does not have a specific policy for identity documents issued by South Africa,” said Steve McGill of Immigration New Zealand.

Are Operation Dudula’s Claims About SA Credentials False?

Although some embassies have verified that they consider the South African documents to be safe, the claim made by the Operation Dudula Twitter account has some truth, but it is misleading.

In 2009, the United Kingdom took the decision to prevent South Africans from entering the country without a visa. The decision came after a few South African identity documents were reported to be used by terrorist suspects who used fraudulent SA passports.

At the time, the UK said the decision was intended to target South Africa but was part of a review of its visa processes.

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In 2011, the integrity of South African passports was in the news when another suspected terrorist was discovered with a South African passport. the Institution for Security Studies noted that Fazul Abdullah Muhammad, the leader of al-Qaeda in East Africa, was killed in Somalia while allegedly carrying a South African passport.

The institute notes that more suspected terrorists from Tunisia, Libya, the United Kingdom and Pakistan have been arrested with fake South African passports. The ISS also noted that South Africa’s main problem with fraudulent IDs is corruption and this is why dangerous people can get their hands on fake SA IDs.

In conclusion, the claim made by Operation Dudula that South African ID cards are under scrutiny during the visa process because of Nigerian smugglers is false, however, SA ID cards have been linked to suspected terrorists in the past, which has put them under some control.

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Operation Dudula changes mandate, now targeting legal and illegal aliens in South Africa

In brief News previously reported that Operation Dudula has now changed its mandate: instead of campaigning for the deportation of only illegal immigrants to South Africa, the organization now wants all foreign nationals to leave Mzansi.

In a speech at the launch of the organization in Cape Town on Saturday May 14, Operation Dudula National Secretary Zandile Dubula said documented foreign nationals in menial jobs and in the service sector will not be not exempt from the call not to hold these positions.

Dubula said foreign nationals who work in South Africa in jobs that have not been classified as essential or rare skills cannot be allowed to work in those fields, reports SchedulesLIVE.

Source: News in Brief

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