Foota Hype Skeptical of US Government’s Billion-Dollar Investment in Jamaica

Foota Hype has expressed skepticism over the recent announcement that the United States government will invest the equivalent of J$3.1 billion in Jamaica.

The news came following talks between Prime Minister Andrew Holness and US Vice President Kamala Harris last Wednesday during a meeting in the US, but according to Foota, he doesn’t think the US invest altruistically.

“Should we be happy or scared or nervous about this? What’s in the fine print what’s given up for this money what did the Prime Minister agree to for this cause I’m not stupid it’s not free ? Foota wrote on his Instagram page.

the Black Knight The producer also questioned visa requirements for Jamaicans to travel to the United States.

“And next thing if england and america love so much wi why are there still visa restrictions on jamaica please i need answers please,” he said.

“The point is how an act like them love Jamaica and want to control us like animals might as well make it official,” he later added in the comments.

A few days ago, news reports revealed that during Holness’s working visit to Washington DC, he and Harris expressed a “joint commitment to increasing cooperation for the mutual benefit of Jamaica and the United States.”

According to Holness, areas of cooperation that were discussed included violence prevention through intelligence and information sharing and investment in violence reduction programs, targeting youth at risk and capacity building. human resources, in particular with regard to cybersecurity and digital technology, energy and security. Infrastructure.

Holness, who is also the MP for St. Andrew West Central, also said he was encouraged by the positive comments from Harris, who pledged to fund several areas of need, including the expansion of commerce and trade, the health sector support and COVID-19 recovery efforts, regional energy security and violence reduction program targeting at-risk youth.

“Vice President Harris has expressed his agreement to the establishment of a working group between Jamaica and the United States to discuss Jamaica-specific issues and continue the dialogue,” Holness said.

Responses to Foota’s visa question ranged from outrage to amusement to cynicism.

‘Bahamas can travel to the UK without a visa and overall Bahamas didn’t go to England…but knowing Jamaicans we could pack up and go to England 😂😂😂😂,’ one woman said .

“Visa restrictions apply to Jamaicans because we like to run away from countries inna di people dem too much, and there were no visa restrictions for the UK, and Jamaicans were taking drugs to countries people dem. No one wants Jamaicans in their country, we caused this to each other,” another woman added, to which Foota replied, “No, we 1 do that.”

As for American “investment” in Jamaica, many Foota supporters, like him, were suspicious.

Others complained the money was too little, while some claimed the US was trying to curry favor with Jamaica over China, due to Holness’ comments in January 2021 in a Bloomberg interview. Television, where he said more investment by the United States would eliminate their concerns. on China’s relations with Jamaica.

During the interview, titled Challenges for the Jamaican Economy, Holness was asked how he was prepared to navigate a world in which Jamaica might not be able to maintain a relationship with both China and United States.

The Prime Minister responded by saying that he was fully aware that the Jamaican economy is intrinsically and inextricably linked to the United States, but that Jamaica also has a “very good trade and investment relationship” with China and that he thought there was “space for investment from China and other countries from small countries like Jamaica”.

“I think the possible dilemma could easily be resolved with increased attention and spending in this region by the United States, and I think that would take away any concerns that there might be,” he said. .

“Again, I would say countries like Jamaica, we can’t rely on deficit financing and borrowing, and so we have to look for foreign investment and locally generated investment from our private sector,” he said. -he declares.

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