Helping Australian winemakers break into US markets

Helping Australian winemakers break into US markets

Australian grape growers can now access an online tool to help them target the US market through the Australian Government’s Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) grant scheme, a component of the Agribusiness Expansion Initiative (ABEI).

The US wine market tool is a jurisdictional map that can be filtered by wine laws, market structure, channel availability, and wine producer preference, highlighting US states based on filters including price opportunity levels , business opportunities, information on legal constraints on alcohol sales, direct-to-consumer distribution models and structure by state.

“The US market holds great potential for Australian winemakers, but it’s not an easy market to break into,” said Tony Battaglene, Managing Director of Australian grape and wine. “Companies looking to export to the United States should view it not as a single wine market, but rather as 51 market opportunities, each requiring a unique approach to sales and distribution.

“This tool is a new concept for exporters because it shows the entire United States with state borders, business characteristics, population, visas, and household income trends overlaid with wine buyer information. and purchasing requirements in each state. Wine companies can now confidently search for the jurisdictions best suited to their business and product offering.

Nikki Palun of Susuro Wines said, “This is a really powerful tool for any winery looking to enter the US market. It’s really easy to use and gave me in-depth insights that would normally be out of my reach cost-wise. I was able to quickly determine which regions of the United States are best suited for my wines and also create a channel-specific strategy for each of my brands based on up-to-date and relevant data. As a small winery without much time or resources, this tool has been truly invaluable.

“Our best opportunity to mitigate the impacts of trade disruptions with China is to diversify our exports into a wider range of markets. The industry-government strategic partnership approach under ATMAC supports the wine sector by funding practical tools that can help local producers navigate the realities of export markets complex,” Battaglene said.

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