Indian student visa applications in UK see massive 30% increase despite COVID pandemic

Despite current travel restrictions linked to the pandemic, new data from the UK’s centralized higher education application system reveals a 30% increase in undergraduate applications from Indian applicants to study at UK universities . In the week leading up to the June 30 deadline for applications for the new academic year, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) revealed that Indian students had submitted 9,930 applications, compared to the 7,640 in India. last year.

Indian student applications for the UK

Vivienne Stern, Director of Universities UK International (UUKI), which represents over 140 UK universities: “The entire university community has shown incredible resilience this year. It is really encouraging to see Indian students continue to consider studying in the UK and we look forward to welcoming the students safely. “” Thanks to UK government policy and the supportive structures UK universities have put in place, we can prepare for the start of the term with the flexibility that students will welcome, ”she said.

India remains on the UK’s red list for overseas travel, requiring students with valid visas to self-quarantine for 10 days at a government-approved hotel upon arrival. However, the National Health Service (NHS) will provide free COVID-19 vaccines to all international students who come to the UK. UCAS predicts that an increase in applications will result in a record number of students attending a UK university later this year, citing a 14% increase in UK undergraduate university applications from students around the world.

UCAS Chief Executive Officer Clare Marchant said: “Today’s figures show that the clear demand for undergraduate studies and learning is increasing, increasing dramatically during the pandemic.” “Universities are ready to welcome more students into classes this fall and have worked hard to be flexible, allowing students to progress to their next level of study. While not all students end up in the position they initially hoped for, they still have a wide range of options, including undergraduate courses and apprenticeships, ”she said.

Student visa applications are increasing

Students hoping to take advantage of the UK’s new graduate course, which started for applications last week, may be behind the surge. It will allow Indian and international students to work in the UK for two or three years after graduation, depending on the nature of their program. For the 2020-21 cohort, the UK Home Office has also extended the deadline for students to be physically present in the country in order to be eligible for the new post-study work visa until September of this year. . Students starting their studies later this year or early next year must be in the UK by April 6 of the following year.

Students who have been offered a place at a UK university this year should contact the institution of their choice to find out more about arrivals and preparations for September, according to UUKi. Students in the UK will have additional choices in how they begin their studies, including the ability to start online and travel later if necessary or to arrive for the start of the term and be supported during the quarantine period required.

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