Latest updates on Miami building collapse: Surfside death toll rises after Florida condo breakdown as research continues


Rescue teams continue to work on the site of the deadly Miami apartment building collapse

Rescue teams continue to work on the site of the deadly Miami apartment building collapse after the official death toll rose to 11 on Monday.

More than 150 people are still missing after the disaster at the south tower of the Champlain towers early Thursday morning, while 136 are counted.

Search and rescue officers are still trying to locate the missing people, and huge debris from the 12-story building of the Champlain South Towers was removed Sunday morning to aid in the search.

One issue that impacted rescue efforts was a fire that burned deep in the rubble of the collapse, creating a significant amount of smoke. But authorities managed to bring the blaze under control on Saturday.

Over the weekend, US media reported that a Surfside official assured residents of the now collapsed condominium that it was “in very good condition,” a month after an engineering report revealed that it presented “major structural damage”.

Ross Prieto, a city inspector, made the comments during a meeting with residents in November 2018, according to NPR.

People with family members who may have been in the building when it collapsed are urged to call 305-614-1819. More information here.


State Department speeds up visas for relatives

The US State Department is speeding up the visa process for relatives of residents of the collapsed condominium, according to Senator Rick Scott’s office.

There are at least 36 people from Latin America, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela, among the missing.

“We are working directly with the State Department to ensure prompt processing of visa applications,” said Scott’s communications director McKinley Lewis. Miami Herald.

“Senator Scott’s office has already helped several families expedite their journeys and is very grateful for the responsiveness the State has shown in helping those affected by this terrible tragedy.”

Graeme massieJune 29, 2021 6:01 AM


First tests show Surfside air is not toxic

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said initial tests show the city’s air is not toxic after the 12-story condo collapsed.

Mr Burkett told CNBC’s Shepard Smith he was positive about air quality after meeting with an engineer and specialist.

“I walked away feeling very good that I inhaled all that smoke and everything you and I were breathing all day that day, because it was the worst day,” Mr. Burkett said Monday night.

“My chest still hurts a little bit after inhaling all that smoke.”

Graeme massieJune 29, 2021 5:28 AM


Engineers search for answers to collapse

Forensic engineers will need to investigate the columns on the ground floor of the building, according to Sinisa Kolar, a Miami-based engineering executive.

“The key element of this investigation, in my opinion, is in this rubble, in these columns and in the condition of the structural elements,” Kolar said.

He told CNN that investigators will need to test concrete samples and examine its condition, and compare them with the structural drawings of the building.

Graeme massieJune 29, 2021 4:45 AM


Concrete damage in condominium building was accelerating, letter says

The damage to the building’s basement had “significantly worsened” and the damage to the concrete “was accelerating” according to a co-ownership letter written in April.

In the letter, Champlain Towers South Condominium Association president Jean Wodnicki acknowledged that the tens of millions of dollars in necessary repairs had become a source of frustration for residents of the building, according to the letter. USA today.

Graeme massieJune 29, 2021 4:11 AM


Miami Beach cancels 4th of July fireworks display

The city of Miami Beach has canceled its July 4 fireworks display as a “show of respect” for the victims of the condo collapse in nearby Surfside, Fla.

The annual Fire on the Fourth festival was scheduled for 72nd Street and Collins Avenue in the city.

Graeme massieJune 29, 2021 03:31


Lightning strikes now a challenge for search and rescue operations

State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis said lightning was now a safety concern as crews attempted to clear the rubble pile at Champlain Towers South condominium

“The men and women of the task force as they work on the hill removing debris to save lives, they also stand on a giant piece of metal. All rebar is a lightning draw, ”Patronis told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

“This can hamper their ability because when lightning strikes, they have to clear the site.”

(AFP via Getty Images)

Graeme massieJune 29, 2021 2:35 AM


The family of a missing woman try to stay hopeful

Kevin Spiegel says he’s encouraged that search and rescue operations are continuing around the clock.

“I have 100% confidence in everything that is going on here,” Mr Spiegel said of the search for the missing, which includes his wife, Judy Spiegel.

“Honestly, I think we all want more information. It’s coming slowly, ”her son Michael Spiegel told CNN.

Kevin and Judy Spiegel have been married for 38 years and have lived in the collapsed building for five years.

” She is a part of me. You cannot divide the two. We’re the same, ”added Mr. Spiegel.

Graeme massieJune 29, 2021 2:03 AM


Surfside hires structural engineer to examine collapse

Allyn Kilsheimer says he has already started examining the building and will use a computer-assisted disposal process to identify the cause of the disaster.

“Generally speaking, you go to the site, you try to look at the designs as they are available, you listen to all the noise that happens when these things happen, and keep that in mind,” Kilsheimer said. , the president of KCE Structural Engineers, told CNN.

“And then what I do is come up with in my head a list, based on my experience, of all the things that I think could cause this kind of problem, and then you start to evaluate all that information…” and you eliminate those possibilities one at a time … and as you do that, you come up with other possibilities.

Graeme massieJune 29, 2021 1:30 AM


To be continued: Oscar the therapy dog

Florida Chief Financial Officer and Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis said rescue teams were doing well with only a small number of minor injuries as they dug through the rubble looking for survivors.

About 370 people, made up of all of the state’s urban search and rescue teams, are deployed in 12-hour crews in the state’s largest operation that does not involve a hurricane.

Although they are doing well with only a few cuts or bruises, Oscar the therapy dog ​​was on hand to help them and the families of the victims cope with the traumatic event.

Justin vallejoJune 29, 2021 12:50 AM


11 dead “strewn in the wreckage” of the Surfside condo

As the death toll rose to 11, rescuers said those who died were found “strewn in the rubble” and did not come from “a specific isolated area”.

Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1 medical director Dr Benjamin Abo told CNN he “still hopes” his team will find survivors.

“I pray and work hard in the hope that we have more people,” Abo told CNN Newsroom. “But like I said, I’m cautiously optimistic about the weather. And that is as a trained lifeguard, and also a member of the community.

(Associated press)

Justin vallejoJune 29, 2021 12:35 AM


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