More than 2,000 migrants leave Mexico

TAPACHULA, MEXICO (AP) – More than 2,000 migrants, mostly Central Americans, began leaving a city in southern Mexico on Saturday where they were essentially trapped.

The migrants walked along a freeway leading west and north towards the United States (United States) border and passed a line of state police trying to stop them.

There were minor scuffles and a small child sustained minor head injuries, but the migrants continued on their way. They only traveled a few kilometers to the nearby village of Alvaro Obregon before stopping to rest for the night in a field.

José Antonio, a migrant from Honduras who declined to give his last name because he feared it would affect his case, said he had been waiting in Tapachula for two months for a response to his visa application.

“They told me I had to wait because the appointments were full,” said the construction worker. “There is no work there (in Tapachula), so out of necessity I joined this group.”

He said he hoped to travel to the northern city of Monterrey to find work, adding “We will continue, day after day, to go as far as possible.”

Migrants walk in a caravan to Mexico City to seek asylum and refugee status in Tapachula, Chiapas state, Mexico. PHOTO: AFP

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