Norway asks citizens to refrain from traveling to Shanghai after total shutdown due to COVID cases

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has urged its citizens to refrain from any trip to Shanghai that is not absolutely mandatory or necessary.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, April 27, the ministry announced that travel advice had been introduced for Shanghai due to the closure and COVID-19 restrictions that were introduced on April 1 in that city, SchengenVisaInfo reports. .com.

“Shanghai has been completely locked down for almost four weeks with strict movement restrictions which, among other things, make it difficult to get food and healthcare,” read the statement.

According to the ministry, it will be difficult to travel to and from Shanghai as long as the shutdown continues.

Following the repeal of the World Travel Council in October 2021, it has also been decided that the Home Office, in special cases, may introduce new travel advice for certain countries and regions as a result of the pandemic. At the same time, including cases where broad restrictions can have serious consequences for travelers.

On April 11, Shanghai reached a new level of cases, with 26,087 additional cases reported, totaling more than 130,000 cases reported in the current outbreak.

On the same day, Shanghai officials began easing measures in neighborhoods that had not reported any positive cases for 14 days. But authorities have warned that residents should only go out if necessary, get tested twice a week and that the blockade will be reinstated if new cases are discovered in the neighborhood.

However, that still leaves the majority of the city’s 25 million residents in isolation.

Additionally, as of March 30, Shanghai officials said 5,653 COVID cases had been confirmed, down from the previous day’s 5,982.

Recent COVID-19 outbreaks in Shanghai and other major cities have led to residential lockdowns across China, closures of schools, businesses and the suspension of public transportation. Access to medical facilities and other essential services has also been cut off. Further outbreaks of COVID-19 throughout China are possible, and countermeasures including suspension and redirection of flights.

As COVID-19 remains a risk in China, mass testing may be deployed in areas where COVID-19 cases have been detected.

Travelers who have been to these areas, their Chinese health app can also change from purified “green” to another color which will only turn green again after meeting the test requirements and receiving a negative test result for COVID- 19.

In addition, access to medical facilities and services may be disrupted during lockdowns.

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