Prepare for the electronic passport with an electronic chip! Know everything

In an effort to ensure there is no counterfeiting and also to facilitate the immigration process for passengers at the airport.

If you are a frequent traveler abroad then this is for you. Indian citizens with ordinary passport will soon get the next generation electronic passport in which the secure biometric data of the passport holder will be stored.

This was announced Thursday by Foreign Ministry Secretary Sanjay Bhattacharya in a tweet.

Response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Responding to a question from Financial Express Online, official spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “The ministry has made efforts to improve passport services and introduce new features.

This project was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the MEA is working on its implementation.

What is the particularity of the electronic passport?

In an effort to ensure there is no counterfeiting and also to facilitate the immigration process for passengers at the airport.

It is a special passport with a chip, unalterable and equipped with advanced security functions.

If someone tries to tamper with the passport chip, the system will detect it. Once detected, the passport verification at the airport will fail.

All personal data of the traveler will be digitally signed and stored in a chip and these will be integrated into the passport.

For the purchase of electronic contactless inlays for electronic passports, the central government has agreed to India Security Press-ISP, Nashik for the purchase of contactless electronic inlays for electronic passports.

It won the contract to purchase contactless electronic inlays compliant with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as well as its required operating system for the electronic passport chip.

The new electronic passport is ICAO compliant.

ICAO has not issued any specific standards to be followed for the security features of electronic passports.

Once this process is completed, the issuance of the electronic passport will be announced.

As previously reported in Financial Express Online, the software used was developed by IIT-Kanpur in collaboration with the National Informatics Center (NIC).

The new version of the passport will have better paper quality, advanced security features as well as better printing.

The information stored on the chip is protected so that it cannot be accessed without physical contact.


In 2017, the concept of the electronic passport was rolled out. And once the issuance process begins, the first to get them will be diplomats and government officials.


Time is of the essence when traveling and more so in a crowded airport. Electronic passports should take a few seconds.

These passport prototypes have undergone intense testing in a laboratory identified by the US government.


Thicker front and back covers.

With 64 kilobytes of memory space, the silicon chip will be the size of a stamp and a built-in rectangular antenna.

It can memorize up to 30 visits and international movements.

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