SLP government follows some UWP advice but still prioritizes Russians

The Opposition United Workers Party is pleased that the government of Saint Lucia has finally taken our advice and realized the seriousness of the Russian-Ukrainian war and has therefore imposed sanctions on Russians and Belarusians who apply for citizenship by investment in Saint Lucia. Lucy.

For several weeks, the opposition has been pleading with the government to make the decision to safeguard our nation’s CIP, protect Saint Lucia’s reputation and get the Russians to pressure their own government to stop the attacks. against Ukraine.

The government of Saint Lucia has taken the first step to screen all Russians and suspend the processing of Russian applicants, however, the opposition further advises that there should be no exceptions to the rule. Based on the latest government press release, the intention is still to accept some Russian applications.

There are already international movements that could affect IPC programs in the region and we could see further restrictions imposed on Saint Lucians due to the inaction of the SLP administration of Philip J Pierre.

There are serious consequences that could be imposed on Saint Lucians and we have to wonder if the government is prioritizing the Russians?

There should be no ambiguity and the sanctions should apply at all levels. You cannot pick and choose which Russians you think may or may not be related to this conflict.

This exception to the rule jeopardizes the international reputation of Saint Lucians and Saint Lucia. We remain concerned that if the government continues to follow its current course, sanctions will be imposed on Saint Lucians in the form of visa restrictions, changes to visa waiver policies and who knows what else. .

In order to ensure that this does not happen, there can be no ambiguity.

The citizenship-by-investment units of Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Antigua and Barbuda have suspended Russians and Belarusians from applying to their programs without exception.

When in power, the UWP administration always advocated for the OECS to work together when it comes to CIP.

The question must be asked, why does the SLP administration always put Russia ahead of Saint Lucia?

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