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a electronic passport Where electronic passport is a passport with an electronic microchip and an antenna that incorporates the person’s biometric identity, such as photo, fingerprint and Irish eye. Electronic passport holders do not have to queue for immigration visa control. On the contrary, they can pass immigration very quickly using electronic gates. Now the ePassport is available without any problem by applying online from anywhere in the country. Let’s see how to get electronic passport in Bangladesh.

How to Apply Online for an Electronic Passport

The application can be launched by entering the website “” and clicking on the first tab on the left titled “Apply online”.

At the beginning, the name of the local passport office will be displayed as soon as the name of the police station near the district and the current address is indicated. This is the place where both the electronic passport application form has to be submitted and the electronic passport can be obtained.

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During the application process, the applicant should provide certain necessary information including name, date of birth, current and permanent address, profession, national identification number, previous passport data (if applicable ), name and profession of parents, contact number, emergency contact, etc. And, the system will also require the bank details where the application fee was submitted.

In addition, at the end of the registration process, the system will ask applicants to choose an appropriate appointment date and time to give the respective biometric data of the designated days available at the passport office.

Once registration is complete, the applicant should print their electronic passport registration application form including the biometric calendar of dates.

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How much does it cost to obtain an electronic passport

There are three types of electronic passport issuance systems. Applicants are expected to receive their ePassports after the stipulated working days from the date of submission of the application.

1. Regular: 21 working days

2. Express: 10 working days

3. Super Express: 2 working days

48-page electronic passport with delivery costs over 5 years

Regular: BDT 4 025

Express: 6,325 BDT

Super Express: 8,625 BDT

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48-page e-passport Delivery costs 10 years

Regular: 5,750 BDT

Express: 8,050 BDT

Super Express: 10,350 BDT

64-page electronic passport with delivery costs over 5 years

Regular: BDT 6 325

Express: 8,625 BDT

Super Express: 12,075 BDT

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64-page electronic passport Delivery costs over 10 years

Regular: BDT 8 050

Express: 10 350 BDT

Super Express: 13,800 BDT

Currently, Bangladesh passport offices do not receive online payments. Thus, applicants can submit payment through any of the following banks – Sonali Bank, Trust Bank, One Bank, Dhaka Bank, Premier Bank and Bank Asia.

Applicant’s full name on the Electronic Passport Bank Deposit Form must match the applicant’s full name provided in their Electronic Passport Registration Form. At this time, a photocopy of the NID card and a summary of the application form will be required. The summary can be downloaded from the website after submitting the online application.

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After submitting the ePassport issue or reissue fee in person, the applicant must collect the bank deposit receipt.

What documents are needed to obtain an electronic passport

The fully completed application form must be downloaded and printed. Next, a passport-sized photo, a photocopy of the NID card and a bank deposit receipt must be attached.

Applicants under the age of 18 must provide a photocopy of the parent’s NID card as well as the applicant’s birth certificate.

These are usually the key documents applicants need to submit to the passport office on the scheduled biometrics day. The documents required for the electronic passport application can be submitted to the passport office without certification.

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In some cases, applicants may need additional documents such as proof of address, birth certificate, copy of police report (in case of loss of passport), CNP certificate, identity card of office (for those with a job), the certificate of the last exam (for students), etc.

However, on biometric screening day, the applicant must take their original NID card, original previous passport (if applicable) for verification.


It should be noted here that once the application is finally filed, it can no longer be modified. Only one application can be submitted with a National Identity Card (NID). At the time of application, all information must be provided in accordance with the previous national identity card and / or passport (if applicable). In total, the information and documents provided for electronic passport application must be genuine. Otherwise, the electronic passport will not be obtained.

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